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Functions included
Nofence smartphone-app (Android og iOS)

Basic functions for tracking and administration of your collars and pastures.

User portal for desktop computer – Log on via your browser and access all data collected from the collars for a deeper analysis- Behaviour data is presented as heat maps and statistics. Here you can activate or deactivate your pool of collars.
Firmware updates – Free and easy

We push out free firmware updates to all your collars through the mobile network. All you need is to push a button in your app.

Free support

We supply all the material you need to teach yourself – But you can of course call our free support service when you need help (during opening hours)

Mobile Network access

All collars come with a SIM-card at no extra cost – The subscription cost to the network provider is included in your price.


The Nofence virtual fence system consists of an app and a solar-powered collar that communicates on mobile phone networks. The collar provides GPS position data. With Nofence, you can use other areas than your arable land for grazing, increase food production and make agriculture more sustainable and protect the environment.

Focus on looking after your animals rather than time-consuming fence maintenance and pre-order Nofence now.

  1. Avoid costly fence maintenance
  2. A simpler approach to herd control
  3. Let nature decide where animals graze
  4. Better and more varied pastures
  5. More sustainable farming
  6. Better animal welfare for your livestock
“I’m delighted that Norway is developing technology that will allow us to make better use of our pasture resources.”
-  Jon Georg Dale, Norwegian Minister of Agriculture and Food
  1. Avoid costly fence maintenance
  2. A simpler approach to herd control
  3. Let nature decide where animals graze
  4. Better and more varied pastures
  5. More sustainable farming
  6. Better animal welfare for your livestock


"This is absolutely the future - I don't think I could keep goats without Nofence."
- Anne Aamodt, pilot customer
“There is no doubt that also heifers are able to learn Nofence. After what we observed with the successful use on goats, we had some expectations that also the heifers could learn. But we did not expect such level of success.”
- Knut Egil Bø, Professor, Animal welfare at Norwegian University of Life Sciences
“Putting up fences below the power lines is not a feasible solution - This technology is crucial for success in the power line grazing project.”
- Ellen Torsæter, Environmental advisor at Statkraft


Draw a grazing area in the app and transfer it wirelessly to the collars. After a brief learning period, animals are safely fenced in and know their boundaries.
The animals quickly learn what the signals from the collar mean and turn to avoid the sounds and gentle electric shock. Kits are solar-powered with battery backup.



In a typical situation, the animal returns after stepping outside of grazing area boundaries. If the increasing sound frequency and vibrations are ineffective, a gentle yet unpleasant electric shock turns the animal around.


If the animal continues to exhibit deviant behavior,  the stimuli repeats for a total of 3 rounds. At this point the stimuli are turned off and an SMS message is sent to the animal’s custodian notifying of animal’s locations.


Animals also return on their own after having ventured outside of the fence zone. When this happens, the system is re-activated and custodians are notified via SMS, eliminating the need to retrieve the animal.


Goat Collar 
Solar powered collar for virtual fencing of goats. Contains GPS-receiver, bluetooth, accelerometer sensor and the new LTE CAT-M1 cellular technology with 2G fallback. The collar comes with one battery pack.
Extra Battery 
Custom battery pack, easy to click in and out from the collar housing, using one-hand grip. Same type of batteries that is used in Tesla cars.
Nofence Beacon 
Small bluetooth device that deactivates the GPS receiver in the collars. This helps prevent inaccurate positions when the animals are indoors or in other areas with suboptimal GPS coverage, as well as saving battery power.
Battery charger 
Battery charger to be used on the grid. Adapters available for non-european sockets.

Frequently asked questions

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How important is it to have good GPS signal?
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How long does the battery last?
Is it easy to replace batteries if necessary?
How loud is the noise and how powerful is the electric shock?
Which Android version is compatible with Nofence?
Can I use iPhone/IOS?
Can the collars be used by anyone who steals it?
Is re-training necessary when I change grazing areas?
How precise is the Nofence-boundaries?
Will we be able to find lost collars?
Will bucks stay inside the Nofence border without physical fences?

About Nofence

Nofence is a real, tangible product, worn by grazing goats in Norway today. 

The company Nofence knows agriculture and several of us tend to livestock on a daily basis. This means we are developing a product that is important to our own daily lives and that of our livestock. We both use and test the product ourselves, and as always, sustainability and animal welfare is the primary focus of our efforts. 

Our vision is to contribute to simpler livestock handling, sustainable food production better use of land resources worldwide.
Oscar Hovde Berntsen, Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Oscar Hovde Berntsen,
Inventor and founder
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Erik Harstad, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Erik Harstad,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Leif Gunnar Ellingsen,
Technical Development Lead
Harald Harstad, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Harald Harstad,
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Linda Haug,
Head of Support
Håkon Holmen,
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)




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